The Fall of Weslo

A New Challenger Appears!
Our ever-forward striving heroes meet a new friend

Our story begins in a fog: the forest has been burned down, and Grugal has lost his way in the thick mist that fills the area. As he wanders, he comes upon what appears to be a crying child. Feeling unsure and cautious, he continues on his way, only to find himself once more advancing on a path towards the same crying child.

Now unnerved and suspicious, he places a coin on the ground and moves off once more, this time to the right. When coming upon the coin and child once more, he realizes to what action he is being guided and so moved towards the child.

As he approaches he can see that the child is not, in fact, a child, but a diminutive man. The man’s clothing is covered in ash, but through the gray Grugal can make out green garments. Then he spies on the ground beside the man a green top hat.

Friggin’ leprechaun.

The sobbing changes to laughter as the small man uncovers his face. He and Grugal converse, Grugal asking how to find his friends in the fog and the leprechaun speaking in trick and riddles. Finally, Grugal receives and instruction on how to proceed: go left. In frustration and suppressing murderous rage, our hero takes the suggested path.

Coming out to the edge of the fog, Grugal can make out a camp, but alas, the camp does not belong to his friends but a rag-tag bunch of strangers. Who are these raggamuffins? Why, they are our heroes! Lyana and Faber rest, tired and very hurt, while Fergal stands on lookout and the severely damaged Syran sleeps.

Grugal approaches, and after a very cryptic and distrustful exchange the three conscious group members and Grugal give their names and their missions. As it turns out, our heroes do know of Grugal’s friends.

Then suddenly BAM! ZAP! POOF! Syran has died.

Lyana examines the now dead Syran’s body, looking for any items of importance and examining the body for the exact cause of death when she notices an odd pattern of scarring on the corpse’s hand. Conveniently enough Grugal recognizes the scarring as the mark of… THE TALON!

Dun, dun, DUN!

It seems a spy has been traveling with our weary heroes. So they burn the body. And the people rejoiced.

Our now changed grouping of the heroic foursome press on, Grugal agreeing to help Lyana, Faber and Fergal in their quest to find the holy grai- I mean, to deliver frostbrand and save the world from the ever encroaching evil.

As they travel, the weary and hurting group comes upon a troop of performers and their caravan. Approaching and speaking with the troop members, we learn that this particular collection of traveling performers is headed towards Dargoth as well. They have a wealthy patron named Lord Meltor, and they are Vrae Kaldean, and they are headed to Dargoth to perform for the Hamburglar.

When asked if our heroes may travel to Dargoth with them, the troop is at first unsure, but then Faber offers a gift of song, to which they reply with resounding eagerness. Faber sings them “Faberland”, and the troop is convinced, and they agree to take our heroes into their caravan and give them healing, food, and protection, as well as introduce them to the Hamburglar.

As we travel that day we learn a little bit of information about some of the troop memebers, such as about Arolyn, the musician who plays string instruments and drives the second wagon in the 3 wagon caravan. There is also Burelyn, who reads omens and travels in the third wagon. Faber decides to have his fortune read the next day.

That night everyone settles in and makes camp on the side of the road, and music is played. The soothing, soporific quality of the music, combined with the weariness of our heroes, puts them to sleep.

The next morning Faber has his fortune read, which will be described at another time as our mighty writer forgot to write down what it was, and it as at this point our story ends… for now.

The End of Malikai the Mad
Some men want to watch the whole world burn

Malikai has met his end in Umber forest at the hands of three intrepid adventurers. The Druid of Pagoth known only as Graphelm, the elven rogue Sylvondar the Circuitous and the half-orc warrior known as Ulick discovered Malikai’s treachery and killed the Fang of the Cult of Martens and the evil stone golem monstrosity under his control.

The party found the unicorn Ulatharion still alive, albeit in a barely conscious, and weakened state. They found a small pool of Ulatharion’s tears and collected some, and vowed to find Shedranal and bring her back to him.

Return to Edenglarion
Once again the forest

The next day, the party continued to consult with the elves and make plans. They would implore the song of the trees through Brother Rathan’s performance in the Hall of Music. When doing so, Graphelm was struck with the magnamity of Silvestra and heard the Divine Note, thus rendering him deaf to all but the haunting music. The party learned that “she lies in the bones of the ghosts.”

Sylvondar scries at the Temple of Rain.
awakens Sargoth black ooze
Sargoth sacrificed his wife to Martens to become lieutenant of Martens.
D’sis is the sword of the general Vasanil
Elves give Graphelm a seed to plant at the birthplace of evil
Black cultis, black elfstones and Dracori-stone

Then the group went through portal to Keep of Alvaith
Graphelm is cut off from Pagoth.
Go south through tunnels.
Go north the forest is burnt
Took Larcen’s body and put it to rest in the fountain in the Keep of Alvaith.
Heading towards what they think Malakai and Dracori-stone statue along a riverbed east-southeast.

Lore on tree rings

Asamglarian adventure. Eldoras explains that elves will leave Asamglarian in Spring for Thala. (Fallrite sux.) Eldor aids us in our quest to save Shedrinal. We’re granted access to the community, but for some elves, the desire to help us is limited. McGruber’s a half-orc and Sylvondar’s Desis reminds them too much of Edenglarian 1.0. Much is learned, nonetheless—so much, in fact, that I can provide a top twelve.

12-Gunther (McGruber’s former slavemaster), Jimbo (of Barberoth fame), and a guard of the north gate (pinecone muthafucka!) are jailed by Varia, a stoically bad-ass sheriff.
11-According to Gunther, someone named “the second” is big man on campus up North.
10-According to Jimbo, the first bandit-king, “Abbas,” was murdered by Baberoth. Alas’ wife split. Interestingly enough, she is “Avalla,” a female bandit from Dargoth who has something or other to do with Emeridge.
9-We need an elfstone to find the unicorn. Oddly enough, Malakai was holding what looked like elfstone when Sylvondar skried him.
8-As if more proof was needed, Athan is the shit. He felt Sylvondar’s presence through the skry.
7-Brother Evelas at the Temple of the Rain, a priest of Cellestane, and Brother Thistelas at the Temple of the Stars, a mage, were parented by racists. They uphold the family value with distinction.
6-Because all racism has its roots (though these roots are decidedly more poetic than most), we learned of ancient elven lore; specifically, an origin story. I’ll do it poor justice with my recap, so let’s just say that Grandfather tree and Lake Silverstel did the deed in multiply profound and profoundly multiple ways. Several children were born of the arrangment: Grumsch (god of orcs) and Cellestane (god of elves) are brothers, diametrically opposed; Pagoth and Zoolon are also kin.
5-Brother Rathin of Sylvestra is in Asamglarian! A concert is planned for the following day. Perhaps the trees can tell us of the unicorn’s location.
4-There is an undead army amassing in the Dragonteeth Mountains—the slave trade we have disparately encountered (Grugal, Talon in Seff) is its recruitment mechanic.
3-There are portals to the six Elven Kingdoms: Weslo (now in the mayor’s basement in S. Umber), Asamglarian (in the Temple of the Stars), Edenglarian (in the home of Eldoras’s deceased sister, murdered by Sargoth, Lady Alviath), Cellestria (W), Talafasan (far S), Sharalah (N, gray elves…
2-Sharalah is destroyed! That bitch-ass white dragon has invaded (again) and is guarding the Lucinel like it’s a white dragon baby. Celtair’s siblings are dead, as is Larsen…
1-Celtair carried Larsen through the portal on his back. Celtair’s last words:


What to do? What to do?

All Quiet on the Northern Front
A foggy escape through a battlefield

To climb down a nearly 90 degree cliff-face into dangerously cold waters or not to climb down a 90 degree cliff-face into dangerously cold waters. (Ask Sylvondar, it was his idea).

Graphelm and Pagoth unleash their fury

Sylvondar meets with an elven king

The Night of the Dead
Tos and Toast

A disturbing dream that would traumatize most individuals haunts the weary group of travelers and makes them feel like they wet the bed multiple times (except the dwarf of course, he likes those kinds of dreams and adventures).

Another middle-of-the-night-dwarf-charging-hyena-dog-people incident occurs

The Brandlebrass Root
A peaceful halfling town greets the party

Zizu is forsaken, A dwarf of Tos joins the party

The dwarf wakes the party up by charging hyena dog people in the middle of the night


Cakes, pies, cheeses, wines and ales! Oh my!

The Ravine
What's that shiny thing?

Dwarven runes and kite shaped key holes

The shady tower (Look a spyglass!)

Ogres, goblins and a bridge

The Priests of Death
A stranger in these lands

Grugal joins the party

A fight to the death

An unfortunate lasso

The Damned Cave
It's really damned

Faber and friends versus Undead horde

Round 3


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