Pantheon of the Gods

Good Neutral Evil
Istir, Goddess of the Sun

Velah, Goddess of Love

Moradin, God of Dwarves

Cellestane, God of Elves

Zulan, God of Sea
Pagoth, Deity of Nature

Tos, God of War

Sat, Deity of Time, Wisdom

Silvestra, Divinity of Music

Poros, God of Wind
Daros, God of Death

Myria, Goddess of Mischief, Darkness

Thavok, God of Disease, Vengeance

Martens, God of Evil

Vikrok the Hunter, God of Hobgoblins

Gruumsh, God of Orcs

Gods, Deities, and Divinities

There are a number of magical beings that hold dominion over the people of the world.

Pantheon of the Gods

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