I. The ancient roots of contemporary organizations

a. Religion

The cult of Martens, of the fire God Martens, worship “Sargoth the Cursed.” The “lieutenant” of Martens, Sargoth, shunned Celestaine, led the elves underground, and created a city of Drow, known as “Rivendair,” or “Underdark.” The cult is oft-symbolized by a red hand above a purple flame.

Martens is the God of fire, the underworld, Drow, and Durugar, a community of evil gray dwarves rarely discussed. “Malakai the Mad,” present leader of the cult, is also named “the fang of Martens.” The fang is a reference to a power animal of the cult—the snake. Malakai is schooled in fire magic.

b. Arcana

Note that the forthwith text is subjectively acquired and therefore subject to revisal.

The alchemists union consists of transmuters and enchanters. Their main work is in finding and researching alchemical supplies. The symbol associated with the union is Symbol alchemists union. The genealogy begins with “The Crafter,” a gray elf, who lived circa 1889 CE; he instructed the famed “Edinol the Inventor.” The Crafter is represented in portrait as lanky.

The frost council is in tatters due to the fall of Weslo. The current senior officer, “Alondo,” escaped the fall. Prior to the attack on Weslo he was dispatched South on a mission of peace, and is expected alive though as yet unfound. The author personally encountered an ice mage of Weslo, “Shanz,” kidnapped and enslaved. His tormentors consisted of “Barbaroth the Bandit King” of the Ghost Hills, which are North of Seff; Duke X of Seff; and possibly, an underground organization in Seff who dealt in the human slave trade. Shanz was avenged; the former two tormentors are deceased. A memorable magical phrase of Shanz is, “the iceman cometh.”

The genealogy of the council begins with “Visordian Winterkill.” His portrait is painted with a golden crown. Of interest, though directly unrelated, is a portal, rumored in the home of Larsen Flameburst (lowest level), to Weslo.

The cobble of Tharzod is an organization for mages of neutral orientation. Their robes are colored in green and gold. Tharzod headquarters are rumored in the city of Dargoth. The author has personally encountered a “sister of Tharzod” in city Seff by name of “Perendra.” The famed “Bascor,” the Steward’s mage of Seff, is also a rumored devotee of the cobble. The name “Emeridge” is also associated with the organization.

The Talon is rumored a necromantic school. The genealogical head is the Deathmage “Tor.” “Materos” of unknown origin, and “Count Straad” of Seff, possibly a vampire, are purportedly members of the school. The author witnessed a great battle between Materos and Paladin “Pultin” of Istir in S. Umber. The result of which was a violent explosion and the (literal) disappearance of the former.

Materos, Count Straad, two of his colleagues, and a mummy appeared in a dream to an acquaintance of the author. In the dream, the following symbols are associated with Count Straad Symbol talon straad, his pale Symbol talon straad friend pale and wild Symbol talon straad friend wild colleagues, and a mummy Symbol talon mummy. A similar symbol was encountered in combat with another purported death mage . In carriage, which contained supplies and a magically protected scroll, the bone-white, onyx leather garbed necromancer traveled under protection northwardsSymbol talon onyx, through the Ghost Hills.

Famous mages

The following is a list of portraits of famous mages, possible the genealogical heads of magical schools, personally witnessed in the home of Bascor (see above, “Cobble of Tharzod”).

Serum of Anslow, represented as a muscular man, donning monk robes. Physically, he is identical to Larson Flameburst of Umber. Possible first “Guardian of Failglade (Edenglarian).”

Altavayara the Imagist, represented as a scarred female half-elf.

Andoran the Wise, represented with a full white beard.

II. Symbology


The alchemists union Symbol alchemists union

The Talon_Onyx figure (deathmage) in Ghost Hills Symbol talon onyx

The Talon_Mummy in dream Symbol talon mummy

The Talon_Count Straad in dream Symbol talon straad

The Talon_Count Straad in dream_figure accompanying_pale Symbol talon straad friend pale

The Talon_Count Straad in dream_figure accompanying_wild Symbol talon straad friend wild


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