The Fall of Weslo

Bold Adventurers

Having finally found a way out of Umber forest, Sylvondar and Faber have a brief respite, but at a price. Longtime companion Dracori has apparently been turned to stone, attached to the head of a monstrous beast. Dethaveral Balefire, stalwart Cleric of Tos, the dwarves Thia and Melos, and the elven ranger Mushugana have all dissappeared in the night. The Unicorn Ulatharion has lost his mate, Shedranaal, and no hint of her whereabouts have surfaced.

Meanwhile Graphelm, a Druid, fled a troubled past in order to aid the Unicorn and restore balance to the chaotic forest. Ania, a Ranger from a far off land, after a heroic struggle with a manticore, survived a fall into Umber forest and, having met this band of adventurers, decided to travel with them. Along the way, she came across an old man speaking a strange language, and having no heart to leave him helpless in the woods, kidnapped him. Through Faber’s magic, his mystery is beginning to unravel: a time-lost pilgrim in search of a city named Anslo.

What happens next? Will the band seek out clues of the Unicorn? Will they try to find their missing companions? Will their adventures take them elsewhere, or back into Umber Forest? And where exactly are they??? Join us next time, as we follow the fates of these intrepid heroes!

The Plot Thickens

After many years of seclusion, the Grey Elves once again walk among humans in the form of a priest. From the fabled mountain haven of Sharala, Seltair has come in search of his kidnapped siblings. His search has led him to a band of “Wode-men” (the Grey Elf term for humans and wood elves) resting near the edge of a vast forest; a druid, a ranger, two elves and an old man. Perhaps their fates are entwined?

Meanwhile, the party rests from their ordeals in Umber forest, trying to decide their next steps. Graphelm and the ranger Aine seem reluctant to follow Faber and Sylvondar into the human settled lands, for reasons known only to themselves. Faber prepares to speak with the time lost Trevedor again, while Sylvondar plots a possible return to Sef. . . and the Thieves Guild.

To the north, the mystical Umber forest, and Weslo
To the south, the gentle rolling landscape of Haleywater Hills
To the east, lands unknown
To the west, civilization

Where does fate lead them next?

A harrowing journey

Once again the adventurers are on the move, and once again danger is not far. Brother Graphelm, concerned over the well-being of the forest, determined it best to further investigate the dissappearance of the unicorn there rather than “in the civilized lands.” After parting ways with the druid, the party encountered the rare beast known as a cockatrice. . . it turned Aine into stone and the rest of the party barely escaped with their lives. Heading straight for the temple of Istir, the haggard group has finally arrived to some familiar faces. . .

The Construction Site

And so the three elves and the old man found a place to sleep, yet little rest did they find.

At the construction site of the Temple of Istir, among old acquaintances, an unsettling feeling of something remiss kept Faber searching for information and interrogating the inhabitants. Perhaps it was the tempestuous new mayor of South Umber who asked Faber to visit him before they leave the area? Between Pultan’s cryptic answers, and the dwarves behavior, there was enough to make him suspicious.

The quiet Seltair Zara kept mostly to himself, but was visited by a vision of an ash tree with holly and olive branches being burned by a bright golden sun. Out of the ground grew a darkness in the shape of a serpent that swallowed the tree, and then fought with the sun, destroying the surrounding land to a nothingness in the course of the battle. In the morning, Seltair awoke with a strange feeling in connection to his spells.

Finally, Sylvondar, never one to resist adventure, drank too much of the Ironfist Porter and felt the effects the next morning (or was that a kick from Seltair?).

A Menacing Phantom
The beginning

The party left the suspicious construction site and headed towards South Umber town. Faber visited Pyren and learned of the different mage orders and how he had been in violation of the Frost Council’s law by using the spells from Shanse’s spellbook. Sylvondar and Seltair were accosted by an angry Thelton, proprietor of the Oak Barrel Inn, who threatened to have Faber and his friends arrested if he was not repaid for the damages done to the barn.

Faber of course did not have the 1000 gold pieces, but they had to at the very least return to town in 4 days for the casting of the Geas spell. Unsure of what to do, the party headed to the Inn with Larcen. A woman being torn apart, and then disappearing, provided the party with a way to repay Thelton.

In exchange for the debt owed to him, Thelton agreed to let the party try and bring peace back to his inn.

The Apparition of Death in the Tavern
Undead in an old, black cavern

Having agreed to investigate the strange apparition, the party began interrogating people in town to find out what they could. Apparently, the woman was Lyssinde, a Paladin of Istir who recently had left the town with a group of adventurers. They headed off southeast in search of an evil described in ancient scrolls and were never seen again. A few days after she left, she began appearing at the Inn.

To find out more information, the party headed back to the Temple of Istir, where Sylvondar confronted Felos about the suspicious happenings surrounding the construction site. After somewhat fruitless conversations, they went back to town to observe the phantom again. A few clues were found, and with Larcen volunteering to help the party, they left in search of Lyssinde.

Their journey took them to the edge of Haleywater Hills, followed by a distant rider. The adventurers found a foreboding cave, and above it, the ruins of a large tower. Amidst the ruins of the tower Sylvondar discovered a door, a trap, and then a horde of Undead. . .

Larcen and the Cave
A deluge of events

Much has happened since the party first explored the mysterious ruins in search of Lyssinde’s body.

Upon entering the strange underground complex, they were immediately assaulted by the stench of death, and a horde of walking skeletons and ancient, rotting corpses. Seltair was able to invoke Cellestane and hold a group of skeletons at bay, while Larcen fought furiously to keep them from being overwhelmed. However, the combined might of the party was not enough to destroy the relentless undead. Desperate tactics, and an improvised fireball, were not enough, and Larcen and Faber fell to the icy fingers of their enemies. Seltair was not killed, but taken captive and imprisoned near a barely alive priest of Istir.

Sylvondar, the lone survivor, travelled back to the Temple of Istir to enlist the aid of divine magic. Rebecca, Priestess of Istir, and Thia, Priestess of Velah, travelled back with Sylvondar and helped rescue Seltair and the other unknown priest. Together, they found the body of Lyssinde the Paladin and returned to the Temple of Istir.

The ancient Dwarven Patriarch Thoros was able to resurrect Faber, and the party tentatively agreed to take Larcen to Sef to have him raised at the Temple in that city. Before leaving, however, they settled matters with Thelton in South umber. Satisfied that the ghostly apparition was not returning, Thelton treated the party members to a feast that lasted late into the night.

The party, sated and content, headed back to the Temple of Istir, seeing signs of battle. They rushed to see what happened, and found that the construction site had been attacked by hobgoblins and two cloaked figures. Many Dwarves were wounded, and Larcen’s body had been taken. They spent the night tending to the Dwarves and repairing what damage they could, and the next morning Pyren came looking for Faber to submit to the Geas.

Pyren, however, took the news of Larcen’s kidnapping as more important, and teleported away to see if he could uncover more information about the strange occurrences; Seltair’s siblings, the Unicorn, and Larcen’s body being stolen.

The party then headed off into the forest, and soon came to the edge of a barren land filled with the putrid incense of the blue Anise plant. The three elves came across another elf, a ranger named Lyana, bearing a magical sword. She searches for the lost Prince of Weslo, Kallion Winterkill, in order to give him the sword so that he may reclaim the throne. Seltair noticed a similarity between Lyana’s tale and the myth surrounding the magical weapon of her homeland, and Lyana agreed to help the party slay her most hated foe, the hobgoblins.

Graphelm to the Rescue
A dramatic escape from hobgoblns

It seemed all was lost. After having tracked the hobgoblins back to their lair with the help of their new acquaintance Lyana Deline, the party faced an unassailable cavern fortress with a defensive platform atop a steep hill surrounded by rocky terrain and noxious fumes. Lyana and Sylvondar scouted the area, but were discovered by the guards atop the platform. A skirmish ensued, and Sylvondar slipped away to try and search the caves for Larcen’s body.

The party finished off the hogbolins with flame and frost, but their distraction worked too well, and soon the entire camp was alerted to their presence. What ensued was pure chaos: Lyana and Faber climbed to the platform leaving Seltair behind, who wisely stayed out of sight from the onrushing horde of hobgoblins. Lyana and Faber fought hobgoblins atop the platform, but many were soon to follow, climbing the riverside of the hill to get to them. Sylvondar was deep within the caves, Seltair was cut off from being able to help, and Faber was nearly out of spells. To make matters worse, Lyana was nearly knocked to her death, but managed to hold on long enough to make it to the defensive cave just below the platform.

Just then, Seltair spied a strange sight. A human atop a turtle, coming upriver at a great speed. He was clothed in simple garb and a necklace of teeth strung around his neck. Scars could be seen on his arms, and a stern demeanor evident even in the moonlight. It was Graphelm, Brother of Pagoth, astride a giant turtle. He came parallel to the hill, and from the water cast a spell to entangle the hobgoblins climbing up after Lyana and Faber. Lyana desperately fought off two hobgoblins, and killed many more using their defenses against them. Faber was grappling a hobgoblin for his life, and Sylvondar finally was able to help the party in their desperate struggle. Seltair joined Graphelm on the turtle’s back, and bravely tried to help the stranded Lyana and Faber again. He somehow ended up in another tunnel altogether, and Sylvondar on the turtle’s back. Finally realizing the futility of their efforts, Sylvondar and Graphelm fled just as the platform collapsed under Lyana and Faber’s feet, sending them flying down the hillside of jagged rocks and ravines, narrowly escaping with their lives, but not their consciousness.

Finally, Seltair travelled into the cavern system and found a group of people in a small cave. Four hobgoblins, three humans, and a Drow. He swiftly and smartly made his escape, and ended up being saved by Graphelm just as the Anise poison overcame him.

Together, the party regrouped and nursed their wounds while Graphelm went in search of aid.

The Discovery of Eden Glarion
The group discovers the ancient ruins of an Elven City

As Graphelm combed the forest for an aniseed antidote a snake approached the injured and weary group of adventurers. The snake spoke for its master, Malakai the Mad, and proposed a deal that he would show them where Larcen’s body was if they would recover an unknown treasure for him. Unable to find the body in the hobgoblin cave, the group reluctantly agreed and the snake [led them to Eden Glarion, the Elven city now in ruins north of the hobgoblin’s cave?].

Near the entrance to the city of ruins, Sylvondar scouted ahead. But before he went too far he heard cries of despair as a couple of trolls descended upon his allies. The group quickly discovered that their torches (fire) struck fear into the hearts of these creatures but the creatures also had rapid self-healing powers. Lyanna kept one troll at bay with her magic sword while Faber let loose a series of flying magic missiles at the other. Sylvondar on his way back, readied a flaming lasso as the troll charged at Faber.

Holding out the poor elf’s arm like tasty snack, the monster took a bite out of Faber’s arm, nearly severing it in two. Seltair quickly came to his aid as Sylvondar lassoed the troll, the troll squealing in fright. [Lyanna finished off the one troll by severing its head] and suddenly, thanks to Graphelm, the grass and roots rose up from the ground and held the lassoed troll in place. At the site of the group’s torches coming closer to it, the troll screamed for mercy and offered its nest of large gems to them. The group declined.

The group discovered old, crumbling buildings whose colors had faded in some parts. Venturing further in they came across a small area surrounded by trees. [But as they got closer they noticed the large spider webs around them. Within a few moments they heard the hissings and clicks of spiders racing towards them.] They quickly backed away, slaying as many as they could from a distance before the spiders finally retreated. [As the group continued to explore the ruins they spied Malakai’s snake enter a crevice to a large circular building]. As they searched around the building they found no way to enter and so Sylvondar made use of his extraordinary rope skills to climb up.

He discovered the dome-shaped building was like that of an amphitheater with a well at its center. Strangely, the water at the well seemed to come from no where and flow down a small circular hole at its center. As the party began to ascend, he spied another pair of trolls moving quickly in their direction. Taking note of this they made haste to climb up the dome and decided to enter the well at the center. Sylvondar, suffering a moment of logical dysfunction, managed to get the rope to the center of the well for them to climb down. They rushed towards the hole (Seltair literally falling into it) as the trolls leaped at them, howling and clawing to their dismay.

The Underdark
Malakai's treasure

The ground beneath them was sloped and slippery as the party held onto Sylvondar’s rope for dear life. Sylvondar, being the first down, tied a rope to a stalagmite and discovered a lever that he pulled without question. The group heard a grating sound as the well above them began to close.

However, because Seltair came clammering down on top of them, only half of the party had managed to grab hold of the new rope and as the light began to fade the rope snapped, sending Lyana, Seltair and Faber further down into the unknown. After recuperating from their mishap, they found themselves at the edge of an underwater river. Using their rope skills once again, Lyana and Sylvondar were able to lasso a stalagmite across the frigid waters and establish a way across. The members crossed one by one and Graphelm, halfway to the other side, lost his grip and plunged into the icy water, carrying him down stream. The party quickly made haste along the dark shore to find him.

As they made their way they spotted Graphelm next to the shore going into hypothermia. Choosing not to light a fire in the darkness, Seltair called upon Cellastane and was granted the power to heat metal. Using the hot metal they fanned Graphelm’s body, slowly bringing him back to life. Lyana, a proficient wildlife tracker, was able to find the path of the snake and discovered other humanoid footsteps as well, ones that might belong to the unicorn.

As the group traversed the underdark with Sylvondar scouting ahead, suddenly, D’Sis (a gifted sword from Pyren in South Umber) came to life. It began to glow purple and a faraway song began to play in Sylvondar’s head. As he ventured further, the sword grew brighter and the song grew louder. Moving as quietly as possible and the music nearly bursting his eardrums, he caught the glimpse of a party of dark elves with two prisoners. He assumed their prisoners were the siblings of Seltair. And he assume D’Sis was a magic sword thirsting for Drow blood. He headed back to inform the group and they hatched a rescue plan.

Faber cast invisibility on Sylvondar and he quietly positioned himself in front of the dark elf party. He crept right up behind what looked like the leader of the party, a wizard of some kind. As Sylvondar neared, D’Sis’s purple glow had turned turned to purple flames that leaped towards the Drow as if to consume him. The Drow turned around to say something to his party members and in an instant Sylvondar buried the sword into his back. The drow had only time to to reach upwards in a silent cry of despair before vanishing into a cloud of purple sparks and ashes. A battle ensued with Sylvondar separated on one side of the dark tunnel and his friends on the other. They had blocked off the Drow.

A tug of war ensued over the prisoners but Drow do not negotiate in such situations. In an attempt to flee, a poison sleep dart caught Sylvondar in the chest and the Drow cut the throats of one of the prisoners as they made off into the darkness. As the party began to head back to rescue Larcen, another familiar face revealed itself in the darkness.

Malakai had come for his treasure and he was not pleased to discover that the treasure was now useless and the deal he forged broken. The treasure he had sought? Seltair’s siblings. Malakai unleashed his fury among the adventurers and froze most of them in place, save Lyana and Sylvondar. In a heated battle versus Malakai, Lyana and Sylvondar were unable to save the last sibling, who was killed by one of Malakai’s servants. Malakai, seeing no point in staying any longer, doomed his last servant to exile and lit the fire on tunnel. As the group nursed their wounds they continued on, Seltair highly distraught over the death of his siblings.

After another scouting venture down the tunnel, Sylvondar returned to the group and informed them of a secret entrance to the hobgoblin cave. He discovered the cave containing Larcen’s body and a trace of the unicorn. They hatched a plan. They interrupted a strange ceremony going on in the room with a large cauldron of some strange smell filing the air. They burst in through a secret entrance, grabbed his body and barely escaped in time before the hidden door shut, the shaman and general unable to react in time. They quickly made their way towards another tunnel and found themselves above ground.

After returning to Eden Glarion they discovered a protected area in the city. Inside this area they discovered a large mirror next to a gargantuan tree. Seltair recognized the mirror as a portal and after praying to Cellastane it came to life. Seltair said his farewells to the adventurers and took the bodies of his siblings and Larcen through the portal. The group had finally rescued Larcen (or at least his body) but now the weight of finding the unicorn settled back onto their shoulders…

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