The Fall of Weslo

The Construction Site

And so the three elves and the old man found a place to sleep, yet little rest did they find.

At the construction site of the Temple of Istir, among old acquaintances, an unsettling feeling of something remiss kept Faber searching for information and interrogating the inhabitants. Perhaps it was the tempestuous new mayor of South Umber who asked Faber to visit him before they leave the area? Between Pultan’s cryptic answers, and the dwarves behavior, there was enough to make him suspicious.

The quiet Seltair Zara kept mostly to himself, but was visited by a vision of an ash tree with holly and olive branches being burned by a bright golden sun. Out of the ground grew a darkness in the shape of a serpent that swallowed the tree, and then fought with the sun, destroying the surrounding land to a nothingness in the course of the battle. In the morning, Seltair awoke with a strange feeling in connection to his spells.

Finally, Sylvondar, never one to resist adventure, drank too much of the Ironfist Porter and felt the effects the next morning (or was that a kick from Seltair?).

A harrowing journey

Once again the adventurers are on the move, and once again danger is not far. Brother Graphelm, concerned over the well-being of the forest, determined it best to further investigate the dissappearance of the unicorn there rather than “in the civilized lands.” After parting ways with the druid, the party encountered the rare beast known as a cockatrice. . . it turned Aine into stone and the rest of the party barely escaped with their lives. Heading straight for the temple of Istir, the haggard group has finally arrived to some familiar faces. . .

The Plot Thickens

After many years of seclusion, the Grey Elves once again walk among humans in the form of a priest. From the fabled mountain haven of Sharala, Seltair has come in search of his kidnapped siblings. His search has led him to a band of “Wode-men” (the Grey Elf term for humans and wood elves) resting near the edge of a vast forest; a druid, a ranger, two elves and an old man. Perhaps their fates are entwined?

Meanwhile, the party rests from their ordeals in Umber forest, trying to decide their next steps. Graphelm and the ranger Aine seem reluctant to follow Faber and Sylvondar into the human settled lands, for reasons known only to themselves. Faber prepares to speak with the time lost Trevedor again, while Sylvondar plots a possible return to Sef. . . and the Thieves Guild.

To the north, the mystical Umber forest, and Weslo
To the south, the gentle rolling landscape of Haleywater Hills
To the east, lands unknown
To the west, civilization

Where does fate lead them next?

Bold Adventurers

Having finally found a way out of Umber forest, Sylvondar and Faber have a brief respite, but at a price. Longtime companion Dracori has apparently been turned to stone, attached to the head of a monstrous beast. Dethaveral Balefire, stalwart Cleric of Tos, the dwarves Thia and Melos, and the elven ranger Mushugana have all dissappeared in the night. The Unicorn Ulatharion has lost his mate, Shedranaal, and no hint of her whereabouts have surfaced.

Meanwhile Graphelm, a Druid, fled a troubled past in order to aid the Unicorn and restore balance to the chaotic forest. Ania, a Ranger from a far off land, after a heroic struggle with a manticore, survived a fall into Umber forest and, having met this band of adventurers, decided to travel with them. Along the way, she came across an old man speaking a strange language, and having no heart to leave him helpless in the woods, kidnapped him. Through Faber’s magic, his mystery is beginning to unravel: a time-lost pilgrim in search of a city named Anslo.

What happens next? Will the band seek out clues of the Unicorn? Will they try to find their missing companions? Will their adventures take them elsewhere, or back into Umber Forest? And where exactly are they??? Join us next time, as we follow the fates of these intrepid heroes!


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