The Fall of Weslo

Return to Edenglarion

Once again the forest

The next day, the party continued to consult with the elves and make plans. They would implore the song of the trees through Brother Rathan’s performance in the Hall of Music. When doing so, Graphelm was struck with the magnamity of Silvestra and heard the Divine Note, thus rendering him deaf to all but the haunting music. The party learned that “she lies in the bones of the ghosts.”

Sylvondar scries at the Temple of Rain.
awakens Sargoth black ooze
Sargoth sacrificed his wife to Martens to become lieutenant of Martens.
D’sis is the sword of the general Vasanil
Elves give Graphelm a seed to plant at the birthplace of evil
Black cultis, black elfstones and Dracori-stone

Then the group went through portal to Keep of Alvaith
Graphelm is cut off from Pagoth.
Go south through tunnels.
Go north the forest is burnt
Took Larcen’s body and put it to rest in the fountain in the Keep of Alvaith.
Heading towards what they think Malakai and Dracori-stone statue along a riverbed east-southeast.



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